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Saturday, January 7, 2012



1.     Crime: A total of 2197 FIRs were registered in total seven Police Stations of Kullu District compared to 1182 registered in 2010. Crime under IPC has increased from 808 in 2010 to 934 in 2011. Under Local and Other Special Laws FIRs have increased from 374 to 1263. The increase is largely because of 1006 FIRs registered in compliance of Judgment of High Court of Shimla in all those cases where people have encroached on forest land in more than 10 Bighas in each case. Also the cases under NDPS Act have increased from 148 to 200. Accidental cases have shown slight increase from 185 to 196 this year. 72 persons lost their live in these cases and 410 were injured. 13 cases of murder have been registered and all except one case have been worked out. 20 cases of rape were reported this year and all of them have been worked out. Theft and Burgalry cases have increased from 81 to 135. Total value of theft cases is around 40 lacs out of which property worth 20 lacs has been recovered. While 5 lacs worth property has been recovered out of 34 lacs property which was burgled. 8 cases have been registered under SC/ST (POA) Act and no case was registered under Prevention of Corruption Act. The number of cases under Excise Act has come down from 149 to 30 this year. Investigation of these cases was under taken by 85 Investigation Officers of Police Station, Special Investigation Unit, Women & Child Support Unit and Supervisory Officers. Figure of Pending Investigation cases at the end of year was close to 450. Conviction Rate for 2011 is 38.23%. Registration of 1005 FIRs in cases of encroachment on forest land on more than 10 bighas in each case with in a period of two months. In Police Station Kullu 115 such FIRs were registered in a single day. Investigation in more than 850 cases was finalized within four months i.e by 31st Dec 2011. Because of this time limit a record number of 979 cases were finalized within month of December 2011. A total of 2030 complaints were also enquired by Police out of which 37 were received by SMS, 32 through E-Samadhan and 135 through web-portal of HP Police. Pendency of cases is 12% at the end of 2011.
2.     Preventive Policing: Action under 107, 150, 151, 145, 133, 41(2), 109 CrPC, 114 of HP Police Act increased by 25%. A total of 1157 persons were booked under various preventive sections of CrPC. Out of this 369 persons were arrested as strangers under 41(2) 109 of CrPC. 218 persons were booked under section 114 of HP Police Act. Action under Anti-Smoking Act increased by 500% from 251 Challans in 2010 to 1589 challans in 2011. Challans under Mining Act increased from 17 in 2010 to 207 in 2011. Challans under Non-Biodegradable Act (Anti-Polythene Act) increased from 0 in 2010 to 157 in 2011. Out of 136 missing person, 57 were traced during special campaign launched in Nov and Dec 2011. Number of Proclaimed Offenders reduced from 42 to 25. Four CCTV cameras have been installed in and around Dhalpur Chowk.
3.     Action against Narcotics: During the opium destruction campaign, opium plants from around 400 bighas were destroyed and 50 cases were registered. During the Cannabis destruction campaign, cannabis plants from more than 6700 bighas were destroyed and around 100 cases were registered. This is the highest figure achieved by Kullu Police till date. Criminal dossiers of all the accused persons under NDPS Act prepared. Detection under NDPS Act has been the highest (200 cases, previous highest was 148 in 2010) during 2011 in terms of number of cases. It was covered by National and Local newspapers and also praised and accepted by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) as best practice. Departmental action against 20 Patwaris and 16 Forest Guards has been recommended to DC Kullu and Conservator Kullu. Funds amounting to 8.5 Lacs were utilized for destruction of cannabis under NREGA. Drug problem of Kullu District was highlighted during speeches in Public gatherings. Organized six awareness camps along with Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Revenue, Forests etc departments in GP Bathahad, Garsa, Hurang, Shalang, Takrasi, Bagipul attended by in total around 5000 people. Published 3000 pamphlets of “Achievements of Kullu Police and penal provisions of NDPS”. Published 1000 pamphlets of “NO CANNABIS”. For the first time in Kullu District the Cannabis destruction campaign was covered by International media – France 24 News Channel and broadcasted in over 100 countries.
4.     Law and Order duties: Following fairs (Mela) were organized peacefully – Winter Carnival Manali, Spring Festival (Pipal Jatar) Kullu, Banjar Mela, Bhunter Mela, Anni Mela, International Kullu Dussehra, Nirmand Mela, Lavi Mela (Brow) apart from numerous other processions in cities of Kullu Distrcit. The biggest gathering was of more than 30,000 people in Cricket Ground on 30th Dec in which 2000 vehicles came inside Kullu City. During the year 2010, 27 Police personnel were deployed to Projects from the district staff on PSOD basis. Out of which 11 Police personnel were withdrawn during the year 2011 and 16 Police personnel are still deployed with project from district force. Apart from this 105 Police personnel of IRB are presently deployed for the protection of various Hydel Projects in this district. 17 cases of project related rioting were registered in 2010 but only one case was registered in 2011.  
5.      Better management of Traffic: Movement of over five thousand vehicles daily in and out of Kullu district managed during peak season of Tourists from May to July 2011. Challans under MV Act increased by 15% from 18,000 in 2010 to 21,000 in 2011. 20 persons were challaned for drunken driving, 434 for rash and negligent driving, 188 for using pressure horns, 1261 for using mobile phone while driving, 9616 for unauthorized parking and 27 for unauthorized use of red/blue light.
6.     Maximizing use of Information Technology: More than 90% of police personnel were trained in functional use of Microsoft office, emails and internet.  Video-conferencing facility installed in all PS and SP Office. All the Police personnel were trained in Reading, writing and sending SMSes. Email accounts for all the Dealing Hands of SP Office were opened and made functional. Criminal records of All Police Stations (Register No 9) have been digitized. Telephone recording equipment was installed at PS Kullu and Manali. Easy to read and understand booklet on Information Technology was published and circulated to all the personnel. All the seven Police Stations, SP Office (all branches) have internet facility and most of the communication is handled via emails. Under Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) service records of the police personnel posted in Kullu were digitized. All the service records are now available in software of PMIS. Developed web portal for daily update of crime and other important happenings. The page-views of website crossed 22,000 by 31st Dec 2011.
7.     Service delivery: Service of processes (Summons, Warrants, and Notices) is more than 70%. Out of total 43,925 received for serving, 34,814 were served. Out of total 4759 Non-Bailable warrants 3581 were executed. On an average 13 Policemen were engaged everyday in providing escort to prisoners and around 10 Policemen everyday for providing security to VIPs. In total 1928 prisoners were escorted to courts and Jails. In total around 9000 Police Verification Reports were provided by all the Police Stations in total in 2011. 1800 cases of new and renewal of Gun License cases were dealt. City mobile service for patrolling during night and day was started in Kullu and Bhunter. Jurisdiction of Kullu district divided is divided in 63 Beats and 63 Beat Officers posted to provide better service to people and to increase police presence in society. A total of 141 VIPs visited Kullu in 2011. Z Plus = 5, Z = 20, X &Y & others 108. No single case of breach of VIP security happened. Complainant’s day organized on every third Sunday of the month. Practice of informing the complainant about the progress of their cases after every one month started. Treated online complaints at par with other complaints. Total 204 complaints were received in 2011 through SMS and online channel. Police Station Bhunter was declared Best Police Station under Category B for 2010. 30 Policemen were awarded Commendation Certificate – I and 265 CC – III.
8.     Improving the image of Police: All those police officials who have done outstanding work has been recognized in time and their photos displayed in SP office “ACHIEVERS OF KULLU POLICE”. Weeded out 222 old files. As SP Kullu, filed 76 replies to High Court of Himachal Pradesh and 6 to Supreme Court of India as respondent. Registration of all Tibetans Refugees (approx 2,000) and foreigners was done without delay. More than 30,000 foreigners visited Kullu during 2010. Completely switched over to new Blue Uniform. In total 155 RTI applications were handled by PIO of Kullu Police. No Officer of Doubtful Integrity was posted on sensitive posting.  New Cricket Pitch was laid down in Police Lines Kullu. Match with Mandi Police and Kullu District Cricket Association organized.
9.     Improving the quality of investigation: SOs started writing RCNB in own handwriting. Use of Integrated Investigation Forms (IIFs) for Final Report, Arrest and Seizure started. Regular coordination meeting with prosecution. Plan of investigation prepared and supervised at SO level. Video recording of spot examination done in more than 1000 cases out of 2197 cases. FIR in Non-Cognizable Case through CIPA system started and Unnatural deaths also entered in CIPA system.
10.            Police Constructions, Transport & others: Under constructions sites visited during field visits and minor changes pointed out in time by Supervisory Officers. Newly constructed building taken over – SP Office Kullu, SDPO Office Manali, 3 Type-III, 8 Type-II, PP Manikaran. PS Anni, SDPO Anni Office cum residence, PS Banjar are major construction works which are still in progress. In total 15 Type – III, 69 Type – II and 21 Type – I quarters are available in Kullu district. 53 vehicles of various kinds were maintained. Three vehicles were condemned and disposed by auction. During recruitment process 27 constables were recruited this year.
11.            The factors that hindered performance: The sanctioned strength of police personnel of various ranks which was last revised on 2006 is not sufficient enough to handle the policing duties of the district. Posted Strength in various ranks is SP = 1, ASP = 1, DySP = 3, Insp. = 6, SI = 26, ASI = 38, HC = 64, C = 298. Though constant support is provided by higher officials, a permanent revision of strength will improve police working. During the period of July, August 2011 a total of 1005 FIRs of encroachment on forest land were registered in Kullu District. The number of FIRs in 2011, therefore touched 2197. This is almost double of FIRs normally registered in a year. This was coupled with a time limit of four months by High Court of Himachal Pradesh to finalize these cases. Because of this, the administrative machinery of Kullu Police was on the brink of failure.


Anonymous said...

I am really impressed! Kudos!

RL Bansal said...

No doubt Kullu police has done commendable job in the leadership of SP Kullu by way of finalizing the investigation of huge cases as well as complaints. In addition to this, kullu police has also proved his ability and efficiency in every field. Whole credit goes to Mr.Abhishek Dullar (SP Kullu) who started all these plans and works and achieved the goal. I hope that the police of this distt.will do better in future and keep it up.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Last one year in your leadership has really uplifted the quality of policing in kullu and it is a golden opportunity in my career to be a part of your team..

sandeep dhawal

RAJESH said...

I am thankful to you for -----
(1) Well Management of Man Power of Kullu Police.
(2) IT awareness among the Kullu Police.
(3) Welfare of the staff.
(4) Action against Narcotics.
(5) Paper Free work.
(6) Blogs of the Kullu Police.

I am lucky to be the part of Kullu Police under your Leadership.